Large Penis

Friday, 17 October 2014

Big Guys With Large Size

It's a fact that bigger is always better.While a reasonably big penis will provide more friction, more pleasure and a fuller, more satisfying sensation;one that is too big (especially in length) can be really uncomfortable and difficult for the average vagina to accommodate.If the cervix takes too much of a bashing it can really hurt,"woman says.It's wrong to assume that size matters,but if your man has won the genetic genital lottery we're not going to lie,it's going to be a bonus.Big ones are always more pleasurable as they keep a Perfect Penis.Here is another collection of big ones with a Large Penis.








For Women I would like to say that when it comes to doing the deed,you'll have an easier time accommodating your man's large penis if you stick with positions that keep his thrusts shallow while sending you both into maximum overdrive.The woman-on-top pose is a good one to try because it lets you control the depth of penetration.Have him lie flat on his back and hover over him on your hands and knees while sliding him inside you. Move your hips in circular motions as you glide up and down, only going as deep as you can handle.Or, have him sit on a chair with no arms.Then simply straddle his lap, either facing toward him or away from him, and use your feet and thigh muscles to pump away.
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